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Linda Yueh - Bristol Festival of Ideas

Starts: 08-11-18 12:30pm ~ Ends: 08-11-18 13:30pm

Linda Yueh - Bristol Festival of Ideas

What can the ideas of history’s greatest economists tell us about the most important issues of our time? Since the days of Adam Smith, economists have grappled with a series of familiar problems – but often their ideas are hard to digest, before we even try to apply them. In the light of current economic problems, Linda Yueh explores the thoughts of economists from Adam Smith and David Ricardo through Joan Robinson and Milton Friedman to Douglass North and Robert Solow. She explains how their lives and times affected their ideas, how our lives have been influenced by their work, and how they could help with the policy challenges that we face today.

What do the ideas of Karl Marx tell us about the likely future for the Chinese economy? How does the work of John Maynard Keynes, who argued for government spending to create full employment, help us think about state investment? And with globalisation in trouble, what can we learn about handling Brexit and Trumpism? Chaired by Callum Williams.

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