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Chief Representative for Hunan Province Dennis Hu

Dennis is the Founder and CEO of Make it China which offers consultancy and facilitation services to ensure a successful outcome for companies and projects between China and the West of England. He has been working with numerous Chinese companies and Government agencies to help to strengthen relationships between Chinese and Western companies and cities.

“I have been working with a number of British companies from the South West, and companies based in China. In addition I have arranged and participated in projects which help people to appreciate and understand the cultural differences, and to get to know each other. I’d like to take this opportunity to uncover new avenues for people from these two countries to be connected in the best way."

My commitment to the China Bureau

I am committed through my endeavours to promote the China Bureau very positively an to ensure that all the businesses I come in to contact with will know about the Bureau and will be encouraged to become members

I am identifying opportunities all the time that will enhance the work of the Bureau, build a brand for Bristol & West of England in regions of China and here in the UK.   My immediate focus is around Tourism, Elderly Care, Education and possibly a virtual shopping portal to showcase the products from Hunan where I’m from that would be available to purchase in the UK and Europe.

I am supportive of the work of the Bureau and will help to build its brand in the region and China.