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Sister School partnerships flourish

29 Jul, 2019

Sister School partnerships flourish
Sister School partnerships flourish

70 teachers and students from Dongyi Garden Primary School visited their sister schools in Bristol: Wallscourt Farm Academ, Sefton Park Infant and Junior School, Haywood Village Academy. This relationship was facilitated by TRUE Education Partnerships (previously ACCESS UK) a member of the B&WoECB.

My Diary on the Exchange of Studies in UK

At 5:30 Beijing time on July 7, 2019, 70 students and teachers of Dongyi Garden Primary School embarked on a study exchange trip between CHINA-UK sister schools. A series of training programmes have been formulated and effectively implemented since the school decided to participate in the exchange of research in sister schools in UK. Through the training before the exchange took place, teachers and students have embarked on the journey with confidence.

Chinese and English students study and discuss together

Chinese and English students study and discuss together


70 teachers and students from Dongyi Garden Primary School visited their British sister schools in Bristol: Wallscourt Farm Academy、Sefton Park Infant and Junior School and Haywood Village Academy. At the welcome ceremony, Dongyi students sang the school song "Childhood, Dream, Growth" of Dongyi Garden Primary School.

The three schools held simple and solemn welcoming ceremonies, so that children who were a little restrained could quickly integrate into the unfamiliar environment. Three head teachers showed us around the campuses and worked out a detailed learning plan. The students started a novel and interesting learning experience each accompanied by an English pupil.

Over ten days of learning in an English primary school, Dongyi students not only go deep into the classroom learning to cover such subjects as music, art, mathematics, writing, science, history, cooking, information technology and forest outdoor courses, they also participate in sports activities between classes, as well as participate in art workshops to produce T-shirts, accept different national teaching models and ways of thinking.  They experience the differences between Chinese and English culture and get a good exercise in language expression, people and other aspects of learning.

Chinese and English students discuss and study together

Chinese and English students gifts to each other

In this activity, the students have classes and activities according to the working hours of English schools, they study and play with English children and begin to understand the English etiquette and culture in detail. For example, the children sit in different positions in class discussion, but they can quickly settle down when the teacher speaks to them. When a person passes through the door, there will always be a classmate who will take the initiative to hold the door until the last one passes through... The courtesy and modesty of English students deeply impressed our students, and the unity and cooperation of Dongyi students was highly praised by British schools.

Look! Dongyi students are teaching English students to write Chinese characters

At the farewell ceremony, the British principal awarded the honorary certificate to the students of Dongyi.

At the Closing Ceremony, the Principals of the three British schools awarded the children honorary certificates, thanking the students for making the British students understand the Chinese culture. During the farewell ceremony, Chinese and British students exchanged gifts prepared by each other, leaving contact information as they were reluctant to leave each other.

Dongyi students use calligraphy to show the school-running idea of Dongyi Garden Primary School: "Happiness is like a flower" 

After more than ten days of research and exchange, 70 teachers and students returned to Guangzhou safely with unforgettable and substantial experience. This Sisterly Sister Study Exchange between China and the UK is not only a study exchange activity for Dongyi students, but also a valuable experience to cultivate their national feelings and expand their international horizons.

This exchange is not only a bridge of friendship between Sino-British students, but also a link of good cooperation between the two sides in the future. We believe that Dongyi Garden Primary School will have further exchanges and cooperation with British schools in the future. (written by one of the teachers accompanying the group)