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Penglai becomes even more famous

19 Sep, 2018

Penglai becomes even more famous
Penglai becomes even more famous

The China Chit Chat event on 16 October will reveal the journey of Treaty Port in Penglai, which is the City where one of our members was born and where many of her family live, so there are even greater ties between Bristol and that region of China.   Do join us for the event to learn more about the region and the viticulture scene.

During a recent visit Michel Dando, a Director of the China Bureau and his wife met  a delegation of Penglai Officials to identify the opportunity to develop links with the region and was warmly welcomed and encouraged by their enthusiasm to forge overseas links.  Michael reports that Penglai has grown vastly over the last 10 years and as well as focussing on agriculture and vineyards it is now a large tourist city (akin to Bournemouth and with a population the same as Bristol 0.5m) where families across china go for a summer seaside vacation.   In the future it will fall under Yantai City (population 7.5m) umbrella.  Yantai  is a port city and its economy is based on a new industrial hi tech development zone plus renewable energy, marine science and agricultural. 

Michael was welcomed with a lavish banquet by:

Xu Hai Bin - The Economic and Information Technology Bureau of Penglia City

Jenny Chi - Deputy Director - Penglai Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Liu Jian Gang - Penglai Peoples Congress

While in the region Michael also visited Dalian in Liaoning Province and is seeking to build relationships there too.  Dalian is similar to Yantai with a population of 7.5m and is a good match with Bristol in that it is similar with a port / harbourside and is burgeoning into an even larger city.  The economy here is focused on industrial developments, services such as IT and in June this year the UK / Dalian signed up to develop an advanced manufacturing industry development zone – smart City. In addition, it is a place where President Xi spends a lot of time in a sort of country retreat and the countries leaders get together.