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Selling in China – Understanding the Legal and Digital Landscape

Starts: 18-09-18 09:00am ~ Ends: 18-09-18 14:00pm

Selling in China – Understanding the Legal and Digital Landscape

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E-commerce in China is booming, with over 700 million internet users and over 300 million online shoppers it is now the world’s largest Ecommerce market ($1.1 trillion in 2017). There has never been a better time for British brands to reach Chinese shoppers and businesses via online channels. However the digital landscape in China looks very different from the West; there are a variety of practical challenges facing businesses trying to sell online in China (whether B2C or B2B), import rules and regulations, platform set-up costs, logistics issues, payment methods and of course, IP protection.

For many firms, legal uncertainty and concerns about the protection of their company’s intellectual property rights (IPR) are enough to dissuade them from doing business in China. Yet with proper guidance and planning, companies can mitigate this risk through strong enforceable legal agreements together with an IPR strategy.

Led by China E-Commerce and Legal experts, join Gregg Latchams, the China-Britain Business Council, Tong Digital and This Is Crowd for this half-day workshop and learn how to sell effectively and confidently into this exciting market.


09:00- 09:30: Registration, tea & coffee, networking

09:30-09:40: Welcome + Gregg Latchams intro / China story (Paul Hardman - Gregg Latchams)

09:40-10:00: China E-comm/Digital Overview (Jamie Shaw - CBBC)

10:00- 10:30: Setting up an IP-rich business in China (Paul Hardman - Gregg Latchams)

10:30-10:50: IP and protecting your business (Chris Haywood - Gregg Latchams)

10:50-11:20: Selling to China via E-commerce platforms (Jamie Sergeant – This Is Crowd)

11:20 – 11:30: Break

11:30 -11:50: Contracts + Arbitration (Frankie Cooper/Ken McEwan - Gregg Latchams)

11:50-12:20 Marketing/Branding/Social Media (James Campbell – Tong Digital)

12:20 -12:40: Selling through your own website/great firewall etc (Jack Porteous - CBBC)

12:40 – 13:00: Q&A w/ Speakers

13:00-14:00: Lunch & Networking

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