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Robert Bickers: China's century of revolution

Starts: 14-11-17 18:15pm ~ Ends: 14-11-17 19:15pm

Robert Bickers: China's century of revolution

Autumn Art Lectures 2017: The art of Revolutions

Across the twentieth century China experienced four major political revolutions, but also profound 'revolutions' in language, culture, and perceptions of it overseas. In China today a particular version of this history is officially propagated. In this talk, Robert Bickers explores some of the other strands and actors in that story, how China's enemies were confronted, and how these changes were understood abroad.

Robert Bickers is Professor of History at the University of Bristol and the author of Out of China: How the Chinese ended the Era of Foreign Domination (Allen Lane, 2017), and The Scramble for China: Foreign devils in the Qing Empire (Penguin).

The concepts of ‘art’ and ‘revolution’ intersect in many and various ways. This year’s Autumn Art Lecture Series explores some of them. It does this in the year of the anniversary of one of the world’s most profound revolutions, that of Russia in 1917 - our lecture on this, given by John Milner the curator of the Royal Academy exhibition (2017), takes place on its exact anniversary, according to the Gregorian calendar 7 November (25 October Julian).

 Other lectures address art and the Chinese cultural revolution (Robert Bickers), the visual culture of the French revolution (Valerie Mainz), and more diverse revolutionary topics such as the representational revolution of the first exhibition dedicated to queer British art (at Tate Britain 5 April – October 1st 2017), given by its curator Claire Barlow; the revolution in the presentation of art on television represented by Kenneth Clark’s Civilization in 1969, given by the presenter of the new series Civilizations David Olusoga. We start with the American artist Molly Crabapple talking about the role of contemporary art as weapon of protest and revolution.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 from 18:15 to 19:15 (GMT)