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Mabboo Mabboo

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Our Story So Far…
The idea behind Mabboo came to life in 2008 when Ed Cheney was in China trying to learn Mandarin. Whilst living in Qingdao, Ed stumbled across an article about a new eco fabric bamboo!

He figured the bamboo was being grown in China and noticed a severe lack of companies trying to create fashionable eco-clothing both in China and back in the UK. Putting two and two together, Ed decided to create a new sustainable bamboo brand that draws on contemporary Chinese influences and so Mabboo was born.

The Chinese character in our logo is pronounced ‘zhu’ and means bamboo. If you look closely you can make out a silhouette for the ‘M’ of Mabboo.

Our Team:
We’re a small independent company but we have great ambitions and brilliant people on board.

Matt C Stokes heads up our design team and has previously designed for the likes of fashion heavyweights Boxfresh and Fenchurch. Matt along with our Chinese designer Liu Hai Yan have created some fantastic designs, incorporating both Eastern and Western influences.