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Little Dragons Chinese Language School provides fun and engaging Mandarin classes for children from Key Stages One to Four (ages 4 – 16) in a variety of nationwide locations.  Run by a family team of parents, linguists and educators, the Little Dragons programme has been developed with the input of teachers, language specialists and a child psychologist.

The company was created by mother and linguist, Helen Pollock, Programme Director.  Helen started learning languages at the age of seven and has never looked back. Her lifelong love of languages led to her studying French and Italian at degree level. Helen began teaching French in primary schools as an extra-curricular activity and was impressed and delighted by how quickly the children picked up the language and by how much they enjoyed the classes.

In recent years, as China speeds towards becoming the world’s largest economy, Helen has realised that Mandarin proficiency is vital to the UK and its future.  Now, Helen hopes to kindle a lifelong love of foreign languages and grounding in Mandarin in school children across the UK.