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Our work began in 2005 when the Bristol Bordeaux Schools’ Exchange programme which has been organised since 1947 was no longer to be run as part of education in Bristol.

 Too much competition from other school trips and reluctance to be without a group of friends meant that the numbers for the exchange for the schools across Bristol had been falling year-on-year.

Thanks to support from Bristol Airport, we took on the exchange programme independently and organised an exchange package for schools across the area. French language teachers could offer an exchange without having to worry about how many of their pupils wanted to take part and know that the safety elements were being taken care of.

Now, 10 years later, we have organised more than 1,000 exchanges, set up school partnership programmes, Erasmus+ projects and a high quality study visit to Bordeaux as well as inbound group visits to Bristol.

What makes the real difference for young people on our programmes is the friendships that they make, the confidence they build and the language skills they develop.

We want schools to continue to benefit from what we can offer: expertise in safety and exchanges as well as a great network of school links. These opportunities will help to prepare for our globalised world.

We know that our programmes really make a difference to those who take part.

We look forward to working with you and extending our offering to more schools and young people across the area.